My Proof Came In!

Hello, everyone! This is just a quick post to let you know that I’ve received my proof copy of BLESS THE BITTER NIGHT from Createspace and it looks amazing. I’ve gone over it several times and–here’s the exciting part–it’s ready … Continue reading

Cover Reveal: Bless the Bitter Night

It’s time! After staring, and staring, and staring, and thinking, and asking you guys, and staring some more, and thinking some more, and changing my mind a million times, I’ve FINALLY decided which cover to use for my poetry collection … Continue reading

I Need Your Help Picking a Cover Design

Hello! If you follow me on Facebook (You really should, you know. I post cool things.), you know that I’m planning to self-publish a poetry collection titled Bless the Bitter Night. I’m currently working on filling the interior with poems … Continue reading