#100HappyDays: View from Day 8

Hi everyone! If you follow me on Facebook or my new Instagram account, you’ve probably noticed me posting photos tagged with #100happydays. #100happydays is a challenge where participants post a photo of something that makes them happy every single day for 100 days. The photos should be tagged with #100happydays so the people running the challenge, and other participants, can see them. There is a way to do it privately, as well. You can find out more about that and the challenge in general here.

Today marks my eighth day out of 100, so I decided to do a little reflecting.

100happydaysAs you can see from the photos above, food makes me happy. So do furry animals. I mean, that’s pretty accurate. A couple photos in that set had to do with spending time with friends. A couple more were material things like desk toys and thank you gifts from coworkers. I think these are all good things to be happy about, but for some reason, I feel like I’m just not quite meeting the challenge. Some days it’s hard to find something “picture worthy” that makes me happy. Some days it’s hard to pick something that makes me happy, whether it’s because a bunch of things made me happy or very little made me happy. I spend eight hours of my day at a desk. At home, I usually sit on the computer. I’m a pretty low-key person. But 100 days of photos of my laptop would not be great.

When I look through the #100happydays tag on Facebook and see things my friends have posted, I get a little bummed. They’re out going places and having adventures. I don’t have the money or time to do that often. But then, isn’t the point of this challenge to post what makes YOU happy, not what makes others happy? I’ll be going on weekend adventures a few times over the course of these next 92 days and I’m sure I’ll be posting those photos to the challenge. But in the meantime, food, furry friends, and little trinkets aren’t bad. They’re just what makes me happy right now. And that’s OK.

Are you doing the #100happydays challenge? I’d love to hear what you think of the challenge in the comments below. Done it already? Tell me how it went!



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