The Versatile Blogger Award

Check it out! My blog won a “Versatile Blogger Award” from Andy English! Looking for blogs to follow? Check out the other great blogs he lists, too! (And follow Andy, of course!)

Andy English


Pay It Forward is not just a saccharin, schmaltzy film with Kevin Spacey and the boy who can see dead people.

Paying it forward is also very much the spirit of The Versatile Blogger Award and having been so generously nominated by Lara S. Chase (if you’re not already following her, I thoroughly recommend you do so) I intend to ‘pay it forward’ by listing the blogs below that I have found to be really interesting, useful and enjoyable. Tradition also requires I give seven fun facts about myself. I will adhere to tradition.

My blogs of choice, in no particular order are:

1. Lionheart Writers – As a relatively new writer, I find the tips and advice on this blog very helpful and reassuring.

2. The Wandering Barefoot Editor – You know how you just enjoy somebody’s style as you read? Well I enjoy his!

3. Valeriu Dg Barbu Blog – We…

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