A Writing Retreat Full of Haiku

Hi everyone! Last weekend I was lucky enough to go on a writing retreat in the middle of nowhere with my local writers group. Michael Czarnecki, our workshop leader, taught us about haiku and haibun. After the workshop, we got to explore our surroundings and write.

Here are some photos I took and haiku I wrote during the retreat:

20130713_142703Slow-moving stream waits
for birds to bathe and make waves.
I beat them to it.


Old wood bridge creaking
with the weight of tiny feet.
Dinner bell rings out.



I really loved the idea of haibun, which is prose interspersed with related haiku. I think I might try to write a book in haibun about my time in VISTA. We’ll see. At the least, I might write some short haibun about it.

Have you ever written haiku or haibun? What’s your favorite example of haiku or haibun? I’d love to know!


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