The Secret is Out!

Last week, I told you all that I had some great news that I couldn’t share yet. Well, are you dying to know what the secret is?

What could it be?

What could it be?

Well… the secret is…

I’ve joined AmeriCorps VISTA and will be moving at the end of the month! I won’t go into too much detail about what I’ll be doing, but I will say that it’s communications and PR based. I’ll also be living on a very low monthly stipend during my year of service, which means I’m going to have to learn how to budget. And coupon. Eeek!

But the best part is I’ll be helping people by doing something I love–writing. Honestly, I’m so, so excited for this new adventure!

Now, how will this affect my book? Not at all. I asked the people in charge, and even though VISTAs aren’t allowed to make any outside income, my book is OK since it was published before I joined VISTA. (Though if you’re an author planning to join VISTA, you’ll want to ask the head honchos about your book just to be safe.) Pheeeww!

So that’s it! That’s my big secret.


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