About Rebecca McKeown

becky3Rebecca McKeown grew up in a small Western New York college town, which has inspired many of her fictional settings. A horror and fantasy junkie, McKeown creates stories about normal people thrown into very abnormal situations. She writes poems about whatever strikes her–heartbreak, a memory from childhood, a fictional character’s thoughts put into verse. McKeown is the author of Bless the Bitter Night: Poems about Failed Love in the Modern World.

McKeown has worked as a coffee slinger, journalist, photographer, editor, new media specialist, and PR/communications coordinator.

In 2013, McKeown was named Feaky Snucker’s “Angsty Poet Laureate,” which she is super pumped about. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Other HeraldPoetry PacificThe TinHead EmporiumLife in the Finger LakeseHow.com, and Ask.com. Find her on Facebook at Facebook.com/RebeccaMcKeownWrites. Follow her on Twitter at Twitter.com/RLMcKeown.


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