I Need Your Help Picking a Cover Design

Hello! If you follow me on Facebook (You really should, you know. I post cool things.), you know that I’m planning to self-publish a poetry collection titled Bless the Bitter Night.

I’m currently working on filling the interior with poems about failed love in the modern world (cheery subject–I know), but I need your help with the book’s outside. I’ve come up with two basic cover designs, but I’m not sure which I like better.

What do you think? Light or dark?


The “light” version.


The “dark” version.


9 thoughts on “I Need Your Help Picking a Cover Design

  1. This is very exciting! I like the light one best. When I was choosing my cover for Saving Ben, my cover designer sent me two that I really liked. I went back and forth, asking everyone for their advice. At the end of the day, I had to trust my gut and go with the one I like the most. 😉

  2. The light version — it seems more inviting and a bit more likely to coax the book off a shelf and into someone’s hands to read.

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