The Dreaded Synopsis

The RibbonYesterday, I wrote a synopsis for my novel The Ribbon.

OH. MY. GOODNESS. was it hard.

Boiling down a 50,000-word novel into one or two pages is seemingly impossible. It is, of course, possible in reality, but it’s wicked hard. In fact, writing that synopsis is the hardest thing I’ve done so far in regards to The Ribbon. I kid you not.

Luckily, I found this excellent article on writing a synopsis. Susan Dennard is a genius and I love her. I didn’t follow her advice exactly, but it definitely helped get me going. I’m sure as I continue to work on The Ribbon, I’ll go back and change my synopsis, but for now, it’s good to go.


4 thoughts on “The Dreaded Synopsis

  1. I hear ya! This was my least favorite part of the whole novel writing process!! I totally used that page too =D First a two pager then I wait a couple weeks and went back and edited down to a second, 1-page version. So glad that’s over!!

    New follower hopping over from CPSeek! =)

    • Thanks for the follow, Carissa! I’ll definitely need to return to mine in a bit. I’ll be glad when I’m officially done with it. But then I need to write the back cover blurb…

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