Reward Yourself

Few things motivate better than treats. We humans are a lot like dogs. Sure, deadlines and the “feeling of completing your goal” can sometimes be enough to motivate you, but treats? Treats DEFINITELY motivate you.

So whether you’re trying to finish that novel you started years ago, or you’re trying to lose weight, why not give yourself some rewards?

Here are my weight loss rewards. Switch the pounds lost for words written, and there you go!

15 pounds lost: Taos Stone Ring from Urban Outfitters

15 pounds










20 pounds lost: Moonstone Earrings from Delezhen Handmade Jewelry Collection

20 pounds







30 pounds lost: Moonsong Ring from Sundance

30 pounds











40 pounds lost: Either the Nylon Daydreamer by Juicy Couture or the Studded Foldover Satchel from Frederick’s of Hollywood. I can’t decide!



Or Frederick's?

Or Frederick’s?


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