Tips for the End of NaNoWriMo

You'll see this soon. Keep going!

You’ll see this soon. Keep going!

For those of you struggling to finish your NaNoWriMo novel, I have a few tips to help you reach 50k.

1. Dialogue, dialogue, dialogue: Have your characters speak to each other as much as possible. It will help you in several ways. Dialogue gets you typing fast and it eats up words. It also allows you to explore your characters’ speech patterns and how they interact with others. Even if you cut most of the dialogue during the editing process, that character knowledge will stay with you

2. Exposition: Need words? Give your readers some background information on the story’s setting, characters, etc. You can do this through narration, or through the character thinking or talking to himself or to another person. Now, you don’t want to bore the reader, so much of this will be cut after November, but it will help solidify your story’s components in your mind and it will definitely help with that word count.

3. Stop obsessing over word count: Yeah, you want to reach 50k by midnight tonight, but no, you don’t need to check your word count every minute. It’s tempting and I’m guilty of doing it, but I find I write the most words when I let myself write without worrying about the numbers. So let yourself get lost in the story, cover up your word count and go, go, go.

4. Make it fun: For me, there’s something exciting in pulling an all-nighter. Think of it as a slumber party between you and your characters (and fellow WriMos). There will be very little sleeping involved, but there will be snacks, drinks, and lots of secrets. Who doesn’t love that? So find somewhere comfy to hole up in, get yourself some good food and drink and get ready to write until you’ve reached your goal. Let yourself get excited. It will keep you writing.

I hope these help.

Good luck, everyone!


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