Bard’s Block

I’m suffering from the dreaded “bard’s block.” It’s not even my brain’s/muse’s fault. It’s mine.

I write as a day job and a night job (and weekend, holidays and any other time job), which makes creative writing, well… seem like work. Not that I don’t like my work, but after exercising my brain meat all day/night, when I’m done, all I want to do is stare at a screen and not think.

That mindset is not conducive to creative writing. But, I’m currently motivated to make a change. After dinner tonight, I’m taking my fanciest, most poem-inspiring notebook into the TV room with me and I’m going to jot down whatever comes out while I’m relaxing.

Maybe I’ll get a poem or short story out of it, maybe I won’t. The point is, I’ll be trying. And that’s good enough for me right now.


2 thoughts on “Bard’s Block

  1. This website looks sweet! And you'll succeed, just focus on success principles. I like to read personal development books like "Eat That Frog!" – are picking up lately. They will for you too!A key is to love working, so even if it's "work", you enjoy doing it. Thus it is never "just work". It's always a passion – even the lowliest of things. The world is arrogant, lazy, hates "work" and likes to look down on it. Humility is a secret of greatness.

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